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To get connected, you will require a technician to visit your property and install a receiver on your roof to access W-UFB Services – there is a one off cost of $299 to get installed and this is required to be paid before installation is booked.

Public IP Address

Static IP addresses are available for $5 per month – A setup fee of $25 applies when Static IP is generated for your account.

Why Can I Not Call 0900 Numbers?

We block 0900 numbers from our Network.

This serves as protection against fraud and bill shock due to unexpected charges.

Transferring Existing Phone Number

You can keep you current phone-number by transferring it to Northland Connect – there is a one off $30 number port fee and can take up to 14 working days for the number to be transferred.

Voicemail via Email

To setup voicemail to email please call 0800 126 226 or email where a team member can add your preferred email address to receive voicemail to email.

Access Voicemail

To access voicemail – dial *55 from your digital phone and follow the voice prompts.

Ways to pay your account

ASB –  12-3102-0188-118-00 – please ensure you use your reference number when making a payment.

Service Suspension

If your service has been suspended, please contact support on 0800 126 226 or email

Late Fee's

Northland Connect allows 28 days for monthly services to be paid, if payment is late your account will incur a late fee of up to 15% of the amount due.

Please call if you require a payment plan. A payment plan can be arranged however your account will incur a service fee of $25 per payment arrangement.

Email Accounts

Email services are no longer provided by Northland Connect – we recommend the use of Gmail, Hotmail or iCloud email services.

If you do get stuck and need a helping hand - give us a call on 0800 126 226

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